Synoptix can efficiently and accurately specify a project's: goals, deliverables, features, functions, tasks, deadlines, and costs as part of the Scope document. Our engineers have a practical working knowledge across a range of projects and disciplines allowing for a strong outline of the work to be completed; this will be agreed with the customer before proceeding, allowing all parties to be certain of what is expected.


A continuation of the Scope phase, the Synoptix team will continue to develop and define the work to be completed within the project. This low level breakdown will be presented within the Project Management Plan (PMP), all activities and tasks are explained and expanded upon while simultaneously tracking their time and resource requirements. The project definitions may need to adapt as a project evolves, for this reason the Synoptix PMP is a live document, if it necessary to redefine or update the project timescales, tasks or resources at any point during execution an up-issue of the PMP will follow.

The Synoptix team will deliver detailed, decisive and relevant planning documentation. The Project Management Plan (PMP) will not only carry detailed definitions of each project activity/task, it will also contain scheduled deadlines/timescales - represented visually by gantt charts - and a definitive fixed cost breakdown structure for each deliverable/milestone set by the customer. Synoptix will also produce: Risk Assessments, Quality Assurance Plans, Requirement and Resource Management Plans as necessary to satisfy project demand.


This phase is where the majority of the project work will be completed. Depending on the size of the task the project delivery may be broken down into more than one package.

This break-down tends to be logical with each work package defined by its own set of deliverables and/or milestones, all at a fair and fixed price.

The delivery of project documents can be supplemented by professional and engaging presentations prepared by the Synoptix team, providing valuable insight and depth to the final product.