Industry Sectors

Industry Sectors

Synoptix is a rapidly growing business involved in many varied industry sectors. With a vast range of experience and engineering expertise provided by our associate engineers we have a large collective skill set across many engineering disciplines tailored for major industries within both the UK and international market. We are not solely constrained to the industry sectors  illustrated at the bottom of this page, Synoptix can apply Systems Engineering principles to any complex engineering projects. This capability enables Synoptix to be adaptable across engineering domains, whether a customer needs support for a information & communication system, or for a space vehicle, our engineers have a broad range of transferable skills which can be used to facilitate systems engineering into new and unique projects no matter the application.


Computational Simulation & Modelling

Over the past 2 years Synoptix has considerably expanded it's scope of systems engineering activities, this was achieved by upgrading our in-house hardware capabilities and by broadening our customer base. As part of our new capabilities Synoptix can provide complex Simulation and Modelling for Structural, Fluids, Systems, EMC and other mathematical based models; Synoptix currently use Ansys, Inc. as a provider for our Simulation and Modelling tool-set. As a supplement to this Synoptix also provides experienced CAD functionality, this allows us to create, modify and adjust 3D models to optimise their compatibility for  Simulation saving our customers time and money. 
EMC Modelling: Antennae Radiation Pattern

Certifying UK Design Organisations Against MAA DAOS 5000 Series RAs

Safety culture is quickly becoming an integral part of many engineering companies around the world, this is especially true for the UK whose safety record is paramount to its reputation as an exporter of complex engineered products. The implementation of safety engineering within the UK Defence industry has been progressive, however the MAA & MoD (Military Aviation Authority / Ministry of Defence respectively) have kick-started a new realm of Safety within British aerospace defence by mandating a series of safety based requirements in the form of DAOS / MAOS (Design Approved Organization Scheme / Maintenance Approved Organization Scheme), this scheme has and will continue to ensure Aircraft Designers, Manufacturers, Maintainers and Operators conform to stringent regulations regarding their work processes and procedures. The aim of this programme is to bring military aviation in-line with the safety culture imposed on all civil aviation products, this is imperative to ensure the safe operation of aerospace vehicles wherever they are based around the world, limiting the risk of accidents, failures and loss of civilian & military lives. Find out how Synoptix has implemented DAOS RAs (Regulatory Articles) within a Defence Design Organisation in the UK allowing this company to continue supplying aircraft systems to the MoD, by viewing our Defence page.
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