Synoptix have been involved with systems engineering projects in the Nuclear, Hydrogen, Fossil and Renewable energy sectors. The future of power generation and energy storage requires reliable, efficient and economical solutions, we can provide engineering support to systems and projects at any stage in the engineering cycle helping to establish mature and safe products.



Synoptix has experience in the design, maintenance, upgrade, simulation/modelling and decommission of civil nuclear power plants, and has been involved in the following work:
  • Safety Cases and Safety analysis for safety critical cooling systems, as well as nuclear fuel route and fuel handling equipment.
  • Structural design and stress engineering for a PWR main cooling pump, large scale nuclear handling and lifting equipment, and a component recover machine.
  • Project Management and engineering change support for a replacement to plant control and safety systems.
  • Safety cases for a military nuclear power project.


Synoptix engineers are accustomed to working to stringent industry standards and requirements, set out by governing bodies. This means that those without knowledge of nuclear standards are able to adapt quickly and effectively to understand the widely recognised ASME III or the relevant AFCEN RCC standards for projects from non-nuclear significant systems to class 1 components.
We believe that with this experience in the nuclear power sector, combined with our extensive knowledge of systems engineering principles gained from other market sectors, we can become a key asset in any upcoming new-build nuclear programmes in the UK.


Renewable energy is an area of rapid growth across the globe, and an area of increasing engineering innovation.
Synoptix has recently expanded its systems engineering expertise into renewable, clean energy, an area we are keen to continue to grow into.