Synoptix primary capabilities can be broken down into Systems, Safety and Reliability Engineering, these three engineering domains make up the foundation of systems engineering. Please use the buttons below to navigate to individual capability pages, they describe and evidence how Synoptix can support systems engineering activities in industry within these three domains. For information regarding industry specific capabilities and cross-disciplinary capabilities please visit the Industry Sectors page.


Safety and Reliability are both elements of Systems engineering, however it is possible to designate specific systems engineering activities into at least one of these engineering domains. Often these domains are intertwined, for example, outputs of a safety analysis will be essential for the provision of adequate inputs for the reliability analysis. 
Examples of previous Systems, Safety and Reliability engineering deliverables can be found on the appropriate webpages. This short-list of examples is not exhaustive, Synoptix has the capability to deliver almost any Systems engineering related tasks and activities, to a variety of industry standards and project complexities. Please contact us to find out how Synoptix can facilitate your engineering requirements.

Synoptix 'V-Cycle' Model

Please use the interactive diagram below to find out how 'V-Cycle' engineering principles can help provide the most robust and detailed system design loop. Synoptix uses the iterative 'V-Cycle' model as a guide for our systems engineering work packages, our engineers are capable of providing support at any point in the project life-cycle. Despite not being a Design Organisation Synoptix can be utilised before and during the design process, these stages are undoubtedly the most important element to any successful product / system.
It is imperative that requirements capture, management, verification and validation is completed to a detailed, comprehensive and evidenced standard, this is the only way to design a product which functions and performs exactly to the customer and user requirements. The iterative nature of the Synoptix 'V-Cycle' enables us to validate and verify at any stage in the project life-cycle. This allows Synoptix to verify that previously conducted design and/or V&V activities were undertaken to the appropriate level of detail, are suitable for the product / system in question, contain no errors or gaps, abide by all relevant certification and standards and are feasible; both economically and technically.

'Click' on the stages of the 'V-Cycle' diagram below for more information. If your image does not display correctly please click here.


'Tap' on the stages of the 'V-Cycle' diagram below for more information. If your image does not display correctly please click here.